Our Approach

Technology is our focus.  Our passion.  What we see is more than just a glowing monitor and a box humming away on the floor.  It’s an engineering marvel, from years of development, crafting a machine that can give us such creative and intellectual freedom.  This is our drive, to bridge the gap between user and machine.  To create a platform that offers everything you need to run and manage your business seamlessly, moving everything else out of the way.  We thrive off of meshing these complex pieces together to give you the best experience possible.

Our Story

Prologic Technology Services was created from a desire to help businesses meet their goal.  Everything we do is to help your business succeed in what it does best.  You shouldn’t have to take time from your schedule to worry about updates, backups, or what the latest threat is.  We want to see you succeed, plain and simple.

Meet the Team

The most important part of any business, the human element.  Our team is dedicated to the field, to do the best possible.

Dale Riley