Internet Service

Local Internet

We are currently reviewing the ability to provide internet service to rural homes. If you are interested in internet without data caps, a fast upload, less latency than satellite, and live in northern Butler County, please let us know! We are accepting any and all feedback.

How much speed do I need?

Pick a plan that fits your needs.  Below are data rates for common services.

Video Streaming Services

  • SD (480p): 1.5 – 3 Mb/s
  • HD (720p-1080p): 3-5 Mb/s
  • Ultra HD (4k): 15-25 Mb/s

Music Streaming Services

  • Low Quality: 64-128 Kb/s
  • High Quality: 128-320 Kb/s

VOIP and Communications

  • Voice Only: 90-200 Kb/s
  • SD Video: 128-500 Kb/s
  • HD Video: 1.2-2 Mb/s

Residential Plans

All Residential plans come with a managed WiFi router.  All plans include any taxes and fees; what you see is what you pay monthly.  Average hardware installation is $150, and a quote will be provided after the site survey.  All customers agree to the acceptable use policy.

Base 4Mb/s


Perfect for email and web browsing, school projects, and light video streaming.

Moderate 12Mb/s


Quickly upload and download from cloud services, play games and access security cameras.

Premium 25Mb/s


Have many connected devices or run large downloads?  This plan is great for families that with many computers and streaming services.