Home Internet Service

High Speed Internet

Providing high speed internet to the West Sunbury area, Prologic Technology Services can provide a fantastic online experience for a friendly price.  We strive to fit your personal needs and can help beyond just web browsing.

  • No data caps/limits
  • Managed wireless router with parental controls included
  • IPv6 support
  • Low latency for online gaming (average 20-40ms to public servers)

How much speed do I need?

Pick a plan that fits your needs.  Below are data rates for common services.

  • HD Video (720p-1080p): 3-5 Mb/s
  • Ultra HD Video (4k): 15-25 Mb/s
  • High Quality Music: 128-320 Kb/s
  • VOIP Communication: 90-200 Kb/s

Referral Program

Spread the word for free service!  When you refer a friend, family member, or neighbor, you get a free month of service as long as they stay a customer for 3 months.  There is no limit, the more referrals the more free service!  Simply have your referral mention your name or name of the account holder and to automatically receive credit.

Residential Plans

All Residential plans come with a managed WiFi router.  All plans include any taxes and fees; what you see is what you pay monthly.  Average hardware installation is $150, and a quote will be provided after the site survey.  All customers agree to the acceptable use policy.

Speeds and pricing dependent on availability for your address.  Pricing starting at $25/month with speeds up to 100mb/s.  Contact us today to see what’s available for you!

Reach out ask about which plan is right for you, or let us know you would like coverage in your area!

Call 724-602-0214, email info@prologictechnology.com or click the button below.

Internet FAQ

Home internet can be delivered a number of ways; Fiber, cable, phone line (DSL), LTE, satellite, or in our case “fixed wireless”.  Our service is delivered wirelessly from a local tower or “POP” to a device typically attached on the outside of your home.  An ethernet cable then runs inside to the wireless router that provides service to your devices like phones, game consoles, computers and tablets.

Absolutely!  The biggest factor in online gaming is “lag” or latency.  Latency is the time it takes for the information to leave your gaming console or computer and reach the other player or game server.  This time is measured in milliseconds, or ms.  Gamers will start to notice “lag” when latency starts to creep over 100ms.  Our network averages 20ms or less through the network, and 30-40ms on average to most services across the country.

Just like gaming, latency is a big factor in voice performance.  Our network is also optimized to prioritize voice traffic, keeping your calls quick and consistent.  Video conferencing uses a bit more bandwidth, but will absolutely work!

Work from home has become increasingly popular in recent years.  We work with all VPN services to keep you running.

Auto-payment setup through the customer portal is highly encouraged.  The equipment installation fee and prorated 1st month rate will make up the 1st invoice.  Invoices are due on the 1st of each month and will be sent out 5 days prior.

A ticket can be submitted online through the customer portal, or give us a call at 724-602-0214.  If help is needed outside the scope of our internet service, we would be happy to help!  General residential PC service/consulting is $45/hour.